A tale of details.

André Bean | Brand Architecture is a brand and design consultancy. We're storytellers. We're brand builders.

Founded by creative director André Vaseghi — a proud member of the Art Director's Club of New York, and one of only forty-four brand architects to have earned the title since 1920 — André Bean | Brand Architecture is entrusted to lead and design campaigns for global brands, and a network of radius-rich entrepreneurs.

Our Human Element blueprint continues to be profiled on platforms including OUTSPIREA Brand Education Summit, WSJ, WaPo, and WGN Chicago. 


Ducks in a row.

Where form and function serve as pillars of our creative house, it’s intent and discipline that define its foundation.

We create a narrative that inspires, and tell stories that deliver a designed experience — building memorable relationships between our clients and their customer. We're hired to take ideas and fuel them with emotion and influence through messaging that mirrors our client’s values.

André Bean's Blueprint to Market process focuses on brand DNA — on the design, identity, growth, brand voice & cadence, and to-market strategy — for campaigns we're entrusted to design, build, position, and introduce.


Brand-wise solutions.

We're a carefully curated team of branding and design experts who've mastered controlling the narrative on behalf of our customer.

We're architects of language and aesthetics who design our customer's brand and its narrative masterfully. We explore what makes the brands we represent beautiful, valuable, memorable, and attractive — then define, refine and execute a polished campaign to deliver an honest message. 

An attractive outlier.

Do good, attract good. Do well, attract wealth. This model serves as our mantra, and allows us to proudly live our brand every day.

Being good at what we do isn't enough to position us as leaders. Doing good, and being better is the standard we're proud to exceed consistently. Our footprint through volunteer, pro-bono, and mentorship efforts support our well earned reputation as respected leaders in our field.